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Thread: Upgrading from a 2011 N.O.Essentials please help

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    Default Upgrading from a 2011 N.O.Essentials please help

    This is a plea for help from NOF users. I need to purchase your NOF-10 and serial number. I need this version because my website was built using Essentials in 2011 which - most probably will work on NOF-10. Essentials and NOF 10 are no longer sold or supported by NOF and that is why I need to purchase NOF-10. Please reply and you can reach me at I can pay using paypal or any other method. Note: I do not want the German NOF-10, English one only please!!

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    If you have NOF 11 just try and open the lower version NOF site files in ver 11. Do I have to tell you to use a COPY of the site files you are going to try and open? I have opened many lower versions in higher versions and it usually works if all the needed assets are in the folders. If it doesn't work, what have you lost except for 30 seconds of your time.

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