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    Any thoughts would be welcome

    SIRAN, an Armenian who grew up in Aleppo, escaped the Syrian civil war with the help of an Arab boy with whom she became friends many years ago. To celebrate their new life, they decide to go on vacation, finding themselves at the Last resort, at an adventure camp located in the Himalayas, when the strongest earthquake in the history of the region shakes a mighty mountain range.

    Ciaran is exploring the cave when it starts to collapse around her. In the blink of an eye, she returns to the days of bombing in her Syrian neighborhood, and her survival instincts are triggered. She runs out of the cave and, when the trembling subsides, pulls her injured friend out from under the rubble, but cannot save the guide. Surrounded by crumbling mountains, Ciaran sits on the shaking ground, waiting for death to finally overtake her. But then YASH, a director from India, finds her when he runs away from the scenes of grizzly bears with broken bodies.

    Yash was on the bridge that connected the resort to the only road leading out of the region when it rose in a wave, his film crew standing on the road disappeared from his field of vision. When an earthquake violently shakes the bridge, Yash hangs on its sides, ready to descend to the river below. But the bridge, though battered and broken, does not break. Yash goes to his team, and together they begin to help the villagers who have begun to flock to the road from the flattened villages on the mountain slopes.

    Meanwhile, back at the resort, DANDRA watches in horror as her workplace disappears underground. At 22, she is the youngest employee, but Dandra had to take on big responsibilities early, and now she takes the initiative. Dandra gathers hysterical guests and villagers and plans their evacuation from the dangerously located resort. BORSHA arrived at the resort with her best friend HRIDI and refuses to evacuate without finding Hridi, who was under one of the destroyed buildings of the resort.

    While Borsha is frantically searching for Hridi, Dandra convinces her to evacuate and return with more people. Borsha agrees, following Dandra out of the resort, and meets Siran and Yash on the other side of the bridge. They set up an impromptu first aid camp in the film crew's van to treat all the survivors of the earthquake. While Yash is treating Borshi's wounds, she convinces him to return with her to the resort to find Hridi. Miraculously, they succeed, and they find Hridi-unconscious, with a broken leg, but still alive.

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    Quite an interesting story. I read it in one breath.

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    Quite an interesting story. I read it in one breath.Honestly, I love such stories. Your story has kept me on my toes. However, I'm on vacation with my fiancee. We're on our honeymoon. We decided to celebrate in the Maldives. We chose the resort for about a month and did not regret the time spent. We were advised by friends to select from the best alternatives for newlyweds Now we are resting on a private island. And I was happy to allocate time for your work. I would not stop at one of your works.

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