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    Default travel this week

    How are travelers feeling about numbers in the UK this week? Planned travel but numbers going up in US are having us rethink the challenges of escaping the new variant in airports, etc. would like to hear from those who are or have returned recently. Thx

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    A new wave is coming.

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    This is true, judging by the news, the number of people infected with coronavirus is starting to grow again in all countries. Vaccinations apparently do not help much.
    I would really not like to see us all quarantined in our homes again. I am already ready to rest in my country, just so that the house is not closed. It was a terrible time for me. We just planned a vacation with our friends for this summer and found great girls day out ideas.
    I really would not like our vacation plans to spoil.

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    I don't even care anymore, to be honest

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    I am going from Great Britain to the United States this week. I had the feeling that there were a lot more tourists in London last week than in recent years. Even people from the United States going home complained that they didn't have time to see sights like the Thames. Soon I think the restrictive measures will increase. I would reconsider flying to London and visiting something less popular but no less beautiful if I were you. For example, Nowadays, places with a calm and creative atmosphere are much more relevant.

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