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Thread: Navigation bar shows up as table and doesn't display on some pages

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    Default Navigation bar shows up as table and doesn't display on some pages

    I have a seven-page website. Five of the pages show the navigation bar (in the default masterborder), but two don't (though they also use the default masterborder). The five that do, display the navigation bar html in an li> element (see attachment html-Good.png). The two that don't, display the navigation bar html in a td> element (see attachment html-NG.png).

    Can anyone explain what went wrong?
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    make sure you publish all to local folder for testing, if ok, upload all
    make sure you force refresh the browser when viewing a troublesome page with Ctrl+F5

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    Thanks, Antonsvideo, for your suggestions. I've repeated both of your ideas several times since this difficulty started a few months ago. The website was working perfectly about five months ago. Then I needed to do some editing to the first two pages (the ones with the weird problem). One of the changes I made was to delete the nav bar and then reintroduce it. That's when the problem showed up. Since then I've made a variety of attempts to fix it, but to no avail. Yes, I've published to the local folder numerous times -- no help. I've also tried six browsers and they all display the same incorrect pages. On each of the browsers I've deleted or otherwise gotten rid of history, also to no avail. I hope you have a few more things to try. Here's the the URL for the website:

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    Save another copy of the NOF site files to another place on your computer. Delete the defective pages. Remake the pages that don't work right one at a time. There is something wrong or corrupted with your NOF design pages causing your problem. Just remake them. It's easier. Cut and past the text from the old pages. Just make a skeletal page at first with no text. See if the nav bar works then add text.
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    Thanks, John, for chiming in. You and Antonsvideo have convinced me that I have to start over with a new .nod file. The one I've been working with must be badly corrupted. I did what you suggested two weeks ago, the page came out correct (with the navigation bar showing), but when I published the site the navigation bar disappeared from the other five pages (!?!). Fortunately, I saved the text of the seven pages in an Open Office document, and can relatively easily reconstruct the pages. Thanks, again, guys!

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