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    Best Job Posting Sites for Employers in 2021:



    1. Indeed
    Indeed has become the largest and most well-known job site on the planet. It was initially an employment search engine that crawled the internet to catalog every job ever made in addition to providing free job advertisements. Indeed boasts a massive resume database, and boasts that it receives over 180 million unique users per month.

    2. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals. It's rapidly becoming a popular platform for posting job openings and handle talent management due to its massive reach and the growth in active members. With the rapid growth of social recruitment, LinkedIn is a must. It's like a massive Social Resume Database.

    3. Google for Jobs
    Google for Jobs was launched on 20 June 2017 as an integrated feature within the standard Google Search engine. Candidates can search for keywords like "jobs near me." It's not possible for employers to publish jobs directly through Google for Jobs Therefore, your ATS will have to be compatible with this schema. Google Job Posting Schema format.

    4. Facebook
    Facebook is an excellent platform to post job openings for those who are looking to find passive applicants -- people who didn't really want an opportunity to work. Being connected to people on Facebook is also a an opportunity to get to know the people you connect with in a more personal way.

    5. Craigslist
    Most likely to be the most popular classifieds site, Craigslist provides job postings that attract lots of applications. The typical job advertisement posted here is targeted towards blue-collar employees and entry-level jobs.

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    6. Snagajob
    Snagajob is focused on the hourly employment market , and claims to be the one of the best sites for hourly work within the U.S. With over 60 million users registered, it'll aid in boosting your pool of talent quickly. The most common jobs are in the retail, restaurant and hotel industry, paying salaries ranging from $10 to $20 an hour.

    10. Dribbble
    Dribbble (3 b's!) is a portfolio site for developers and designers to showcase their work in HTML5, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, UI, UX design, and much more. Instead of looking at resumes, employers are able to look at the work of applicants. Pricing is based on a job-by-job basis.

    13. JobsRadar
    JobsRadar is a similar all-purpose job site. It claims to provide employers access to over 50 million job applicants in the U.S. The pricing consists of a subscription plan that starts at $200.00 monthly for a single job posting.

    14. StartWire
    StartWire serves as a advertisement platform that lets applicants look for open positions. Employers aren't allowed to post jobs directly to the website, however If you make a post elsewhere, it's more likely to get noticed by StartWire.

    15. Careerjet
    Careerjet is a different job-searching site that offers job seekers the opportunity to look for jobs that are advertised across the Internet. Contrary to many other aggregator websites employers are able to pay to have their job openings advertised on Careerjet through a cost-per click basis.

    16. Juju
    Juju is an online job site which gives job seekers the ability to look for job openings that have been advertised on other sites on the Internet. Employers are able to pay to have their job openings advertised on Juju using a cost-per-click model. According to the site for job seekers the ads are read by millions of job applicants.

    17. CareerBliss
    CareerBliss is described as an "cultural job search engine." It's a site for job seekers that is focused on culture at work as a means to assist people find jobs. Employers can pay for their jobs to be posted via CareerBliss as sponsored job openings.

    18. Mediabistro
    Mediabistro is an online job board specifically designed for professionals who work in the field of media. Apply for jobs on this site when you're specifically interested in hiring for media. It's an excellent way to stay clear of needing to go through mountains of resumes that aren't relevant. Pricing is per job and discounts are available for bulk orders.

    19. We Work Remotely
    Our Work Remotely is the most frequent job board for startups seeking to hire remote workers. The primary type of work is software development, however they are also a good source for marketers, writers as well as other positions in startup. Posts for jobs cost $299.00 monthly.

    20. Geebo
    Geebo can be described as a classifieds website like Craigslist and Craigslist, which claims to block fraudulent ads and other nuisances for job-seekers. Employers, Geebo claims they "broadcasts your job announcements to some of the most highly visited and cutting edge websites in the U.S." Pricing is per job.

    21. TechFetch
    TechFetch is a specific job board that focuses on the community of information technology. These sites are great for attracting better qualified candidates. TechFetch claims to get over 7 million responses each year to its 300,000 job postings from 2.5 million job applicants. Prices are charged annually.

    22. GradLeaders
    GradLeaders aids employers and recruiters connect with those who have MBAs. According to the site it is in direct contact with top business schools as well. MBA graduates and students are added automatically to the website after they have registered with the school's career development office.

    28. Krop
    Krop is a job board that caters to photographers, developers, designers and other creatives. It will lets job seekers post their portfolios online for potential employers to look over. Krop boasts firms like Fender, Ogilvy, Red Bull and Vice as its clients, and boasts over 100,000 portfolios.

    29. Jobvertise
    Jobsvertise is billed as the top one, no-cost resume and job database. They claim it contains 1 million resumes for employers to look up. It's good news that they're searchable. Prices are dependent on the monthly or annual cost of membership.

    30. is a specialized job site for a variety of retail professionals, such as corporate managers, executives shoppers, buyers, merchandisers sales associates and hourly employees. The site boasts to have more than 1 million resumes on its database. Prices are per job ad and includes bulk discounts.

    31. JobisJob
    JobisJob is a general site where employers can receive resumes right into their inboxes. With over 5 million job openings being posted by more than 140,000 businesses, it's certain to attract many job applicants.

    32. Cleverism
    Cleverism is a global job site for general seeking. It has branded employer profiles, a variety of job-seekers' resources and AI-driven search filtering that allow perfect match-ups between employers and job applicants.

    33. Mashable
    Mashable is a major independent news website with an employment board that promotes job listings to 45 million unique monthly visitors as well as the 25 million users on Twitter. Mashable is present in 12 countries and provides jobs in multiple and single posting options.

    34. DiversityJobs
    DiversityJobs is proud to reach 6.5 millions job applicants every year. It advertises your job on many of its job boards that focus on minorities, such as African Americans, Hispanics, women with disabilities, disabled and many more. A great place if you're seeking more diverse hires.

    35. College Recruiter
    The College Recruiter website is a job board that is geared towards applicants who are either college students or recently completed their college education. It's a good option when you want to meet the future generations of talents. The website states that it uses a customized strategy to meet your recruitment requirements.
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