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Thread: Should I stop upgrading my BIOS?

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    Default Should I stop upgrading my BIOS?

    So, I saw that my Dark Hero MOBO got a new BIOS, so I went ahead and updated it. I followed the instructions and did not interrupt the installation. So it rebooted and then switched to BIOS safe mode. So since I didn't make any changes to the BIOS, I went ahead and came out thinking it was just a glitch. It restarted, and then I got some strange memory checking program. I exited it and it rebooted and then re-entered the BIOS. So I changed the memory settings to DCP, which was apparently changed during the BIOS update, and then finally rebooted. Today I went to install VMware Player to run Linux, because I heard that this is what smart computer people do. And hardware virtualization in the BIOS was disabled. I remember turning it on when I first set up my computer. It seems that updating the BIOS may be more troublesome than it's worth, but I'm waiting for my motherboard to release a BIOS update that will support my PC-4000 memory. There's something wrong with my memory right now.

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    It should update itself and you should not be worrying about it. At least that's how I do it with my Bios.

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    Updating the BIOS is not a trivial thing. If for some reason this goes wrong, you may well get that the motherboard will not turn on, in which case you will either have to buy a new one or send it to replace the BIOS chip. However, some modern motherboards have a "dual" BIOS, where a second backup chip can be used to restore the main one. Refer to the motherboard documentation if you want to find out if you have this feature. If your computer is working fine and you have no problems with it, you can stop worrying. I decided to configure the bios myself and came across and it really helped.

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