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    I am looking at buying a mountain rifle. I do not plan on hunting anything big or toothy with it, just deer, sheep, ,maybe caroubu and if I'm lucky hopefully a goat. I have decided on the tikka t3x lite in 6.5x55. First of all, would this caliber be sufficient? Second I am having trouble finding the 6.5x55 at risk of starting ww3 lol how would the creedmoor stack up for practical hunting of the mentioned species?

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    These are some good specs

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    I always have a gun in my car. In the United States, it is a necessity to have a gun in the house and the car, especially in big cities. I grew up in a small town in Europe, and when I moved to the United States for a better life, I was shocked by how simply are people with guns. I bought myself an AK-47 as a joke and way of making me feel more secure, and I really started enjoying having it and got to shooting ranges. I even bought some modifications from to improve its' characteristics and experience from shooting from it.

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