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    I need help with a business plan so I can get financing.

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    But taking credit?

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    Hmm, a business plan to get financing. What about investing in real estate before opening your business? That's an intelligent step before starting a business. Like that did my boyfriend. He invested in some real estate from some countries, earned a good amount of money, and started his business. Maybe you have no idea and options in what can invest (my boyfriend as well had no idea), but for such situations exists companies like that will help you to find what you can invest in. Moreover, they also can offer you a mortgage. So, I think this is a good business plan, haha.
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    My husband recently started a business. He was very stressed about starting it because we went through some financial problems, and he started to think that his idea would be just an idea and nothing more. But we sought advice at a company Mortgage Advisor London, and they helped us in the process. Personal loans and small business loans are excellent solutions to cover expenses while starting a small business. Your decision may come down to how much money you need, but we figured it out with the company's help, and now it is going well.
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    If you want to write the business plan on your own, I'd suggest using only a handful of elements to describe your company’s value offer, clients, infrastructure, and finances.
    There are different ways to create a business plan. You can search the web or check out this business blog:
    I'd recommend you focus on the nine, most important factors:
    - Key partnerships
    Mention who will be your strategic partners.
    - Key activities
    List the ways your business will have a competitive advantage.
    - Key resources
    Mention any resource you’ll leverage to create value for your customer.
    - Value proposition
    Make it clear about the unique values your company brings to the market.
    - Customer relationships
    Show how the customers will interact with your business.
    - Customer segments
    Specify your target audience.
    - Channels
    Mention the key ways you’ll talk to your customers.
    - Cost structure
    Will you mostly focus on reducing the costs or maximizing the value?
    - Revenue streams
    Show how your company will actually make money
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    Have you thought about what field you want to start a business in? IT is essential for the business plan to be well structured, developed, and convincing as possible to attract funding. Think about your passions or the most promising areas in your city or area where you live. Google about the most creative ideas on making money from a business. I have selected some ideas from, and I am going to implement them.
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