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Thread: The origins of cannabis smoking

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    Default The origins of cannabis smoking

    This discovery is also the first direct evidence that men inhaled the smoke of burnt cannabis to enjoy its psychoactive effect.

    The origin of cannabis smoking: Evidence of chemical remains of the first millennium BC in the Pamirs

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    Can you prove what you said?

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    It is fun. I have never thought about this, but obviously, people were eating cannabis and then started to smoke it by learning more and more about this plant. I have my own business of growing and selling cannabis to coffee shops, and every day I can learn new things about it. I love going to different cannabis presentations and expositions because I can easily find new ideas for my business there. Most of all, I am interested in sorts of Cannabis. I am a big fan of sorts in which CBD is dominant.

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    I have never smoked cannabis and I do not advise you. Now cbd products without THC are very popular. You may consider creating an online cbd business. This article will help you understand the basic principles of choosing a website to work in the CBD industry. This is a very profitable solution.

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    It might be possible, i mean the first happened with mushrooms our ancestors ate them and then they discovered the psycho effect by accident, so why no with cannabis?

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