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    Guys, recently watched the course "Crushing hard Cash Games" (I play mostly for cash) and noticed that JL commented that none of the players played absurdly, and therefore it was difficult to get a lot of chips. All these players in this video played more or less the same (from my point of view) as the players I play with on pokerstars (I play mostly on pokerstars), which led me to think that the pool of players simply does not justify playing here, very rarely there is a very bad player at the table, and they almost always give their money within an hour. I understand that I need to work on my own skills, BUT are there any sites where you guys play where the pool of players is much softer and much easier to make money, or has online poker evolved so much that you just need to become good enough to earn significant money?

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    Try to implement what you found in the course studied

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    Often what they offer is more theory than real game moments that are enormously important for every player, especially for beginners who still do not know how this mechanism works. For the first time I started playing, I kept watching lessons like this, and later I understood that the best teacher is practice, where you can observe what you do wrong and what you do wrong. Yes, sometimes you make mistakes and lose, but these are moments of the game that bring you experience. If you asked where I play, well here I lately use I can definitely say that I am mega excited

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