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Thread: Global Investment in Mental Health: The return on an individual Report

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    Default Global Investment in Mental Health: The return on an individual Report

    The Return on Personality from Speak Your Mind, which sponsored the "global campaign of civil society activists to improve mental health in 20 countries," in its new report: The Return Report shows how investments in mental health create a number of positive effects that include, but go beyond financial, individual and social."

    The report puts the individual in the spotlight to dramatically increase investment in mental health, and highlights benefits that are not easy to measure in monetary terms. Investments in good mental health bring huge profits: they include financial returns - it is well known that for every US dollar invested, US$ 4 is returned. In addition, improving mental health and well-being has its own value - it brings a separate profit in itself, far exceeding any profit that we can expect from a financial point of view.

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    I believe that the government should continue to pay more and more attention to this issue. Mental health significantly affects the well-being of every citizen. Recently, I have seen an increase in stress and anxiety in the people around me. I believe that the introduction of quarantine has exacerbated this situation. People have stopped communicating with each other in person, which is very important because, without communication, people begin to close themselves off and go crazy. I found one organization that helps such people They treated my sister, and her condition has dramatically improved. If you have any problems with mental health, I advise you to contact them.

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    I’m totally in support of this. It makes so much sense because I was once a victim of anxiety and depression. Even though it’s just 20 countries they’re involved in, it will still go a long way because we don’t know how many millions are desperate for help in those countries. During my own era of mental health issues, it was a combo of CBD, therapy, and family love that helped me through that stage with ease. The CBD was from, don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them. But I’ll be a fan of them till forever.

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