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    Is anyone else annoyed when somebody has their read email ? This week it was the guy with his 5 year predictions. I feel like this happened the previous week too and I know it has happened in the past. I have written into both podcasts and left many messages for the Aftermath and have never been read once.

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    Have you solved this issue?

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    If you are saying that the confirming letter is not in the spam list, then maybe there is a problem with the bot of the website. I suggest you try completing the registration again in a few hours. I can surely say that it will work. Also, it is important if you are using a temporary email. These emails are usually used to register on different websites, and some of the bots sending confirmation letters can detect that you are using a temporary email and not sending you a confirmation letter. I hope I have helped you to solve your problem.

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    Is this email application a problem? Our method operates a little differently than theirs, so theoretically... If the patent is awarded, what if Apple does nothing with it and it expires years later? Then no one can develop a better integrated disposable email solution for their consumers without infringing the patent. This patent will harm every disposable email user. Use Temp Mail now.

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    I don't suggest syncing your primary Gmail account to every service you are using. You will start getting a lot of spamming letters. Maybe this is not a big deal, but I hate receiving spamming letters. I tried to get rid of them, and I understood that changing the email address would help me. Now I am using different methods to avoid receiving spamming letters on my new email address. The most helpful thing is the temporary email. Completing the registrations using such email helps to avoid a lot of spamming letters.

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