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    I'm curious if any of you are dealing with a distributed registry in your work. In particular, Slim.

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    the most important thing is to find a reliable crypto platform)

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    I've never worked with Slim before but heard very positive reviews about this product. Anyway, the most valuable software that deals with cryptocurrencies is Exodus. I have plenty of wallets there, including bitcoin. Of course, you cannot start a blockchain project via that software, but it can be useful as supportive software. Thanks to it I have discovered Ethereum crypto. There are some charts of eth/usdt current price exchange, and I think this cryptocurrency has a lot of potentials. Of course, it's not gonna be more valuable than Bitcoin, but can become the strong number 2. His main rival, in my opinion, should be Litecoin or Dash.

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    Where do you find good btc platforms?

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    Just google the top 10 crypto platforms and pick any of them. In a matter of functionality, they are almost identical. As for safety - I didn't hear any of the platforms fucks over its clients. Anyway, to ensure your anonymity, you need safety tools, such as Given the number of crypto platforms, there is no reason to lose the reputation. Having the percents from transactions, they are interested in luring clients, not vise versa. From my experience, Binance is totally fine in all matters, and it's one of few that bring new features.
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