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Thread: Continuing Healthcare DST Assessment

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    Default Continuing Healthcare DST Assessment

    At the end of 2019, my older brother informed me that my mother's NHS funding had been terminated. My mother quickly received CHC funding due to being discharged from the hospital with a poor prognosis. I couldn't understand why her funding was stopped because even though she was having good days, she was only getting worse.

    So I asked my older brother to send me documents that he couldn't understand. My first opinion after reading this was that my mother would no longer need her Zimmer frame, but she would use a skating board to move around the nursing home she was in. I exaggerated here, but I think those who have gone through this process will understand why.

    I filed an appeal on behalf of my mother. And from that moment, it would seem, obstacles appeared in my way. I discovered that the person my older brother called Mom's social worker was not registered with the Social Work Department of England. When I called the switchboard, the operator said“ "I'll just connect you to a socail employee..." or something like that. Talking to a "social worker”, I asked directly if she was a social worker. After I was a little confused, I was informed that she was a "Case Specialist".

    To find out what a case management specialist does, I searched the Internet for vacancies of a case management specialist in the relevant local authorities, and, woe and woe, it would seem that finances had a significant impact on this role...

    I complained to the local administration about an employee who called a person a social worker who was not a social worker, but was deceived by a switchboard operator who did not know everything. My experience with switches shows that the name, position, department and extension number are displayed on the screen.

    After the CCG created the impression that I could not appeal the Decision Support Tool without a power of attorney, and because of the time it takes to register a POA, it would exceed the 6-month period for appeal, I was experiencing extreme mental confusion. But I have sent emails to my mother's MP, CCG CEO and many others... it would seem that I overcame the first big obstacle - I was given extra time.

    On a subsequent reading of the NHS Constitution, it may seem that anyone can appeal on a health issue....

    CCG wanted to revise daylight saving time, but I insisted on a new daylight saving time due to my mother's continued decline.

    I attended the new end of the summer period with my older brother as my mother's representative. I have notified in advance of my desire to record the meeting as a form of personal record keeping. I was told that I would be informed of any objections to this. After driving more than 300 miles to the meeting, the social worker of the local authorities objected to the recording if I did not provide a legal document about the purpose of the recording. At the last minute, I felt "stoned” because I don't have the legal qualifications to write legal documents.

    I would like the Albany reader reading this to keep in mind that NHS professionals cannot object to medical records as a form of taking personal notes... I would suggest contacting the office of the Data Protection Ombudsman that a social worker also cannot perform a public service. In addition, health and social care professionals cannot hide behind data protection laws + they are acceptable for their actions.

    If the recording had been made as a form of taking personal notes, the social workers' memories of the meeting could have been justified as incorrect.

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    I do not think it is incorrect, so it needs to be studied much more deeply

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    OMG, and when you think that such stories can occur every day to a lot of innocent people, who do not even know how they could be helped. I've had some tragic histories, but not the way you have. I even because of the histories like this I decided to go to medical school. I remember how I did not know what specialty to learn and how I was looking for guidance from now, however, knowing what the real situation is in the medical field, I do not even know how I could help people, so that their lives become good. Your mother's case is an eloquent example of injustice

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    I'm sure it's a good idea because health is one of the most important resources we own. That's why I try to be always aware of what's going on in this field. Of all the sources I have, the most important is HelpCare+, which helps me to be more informed. I'm sure that such a resource can be useful to you in what you do because it's important to look after your health and take care of it.

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