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Thread: HELP does not receive a response from IPOKERBOT

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    Default HELP does not receive a response from IPOKERBOT

    does anyone here know the developer of ipokerbot? any contacts? skype? names?
    I paid for his software 12 hours ago and he replied immediately before the payment.

    please help!! or give me information on Skype: aqk8888

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    You may have just been deceived. You can write to them on Facebook.

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    How often do people encounter cheating when playing at online casinos and how to avoid it?

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    I've long been fascinated by online poker and casinos and closely follow the situations that take place there. I often notice that people often choose the wrong platform and lose their money because of a lack of knowledge. Once I found myself in a similar situation when I started gambling. I was scammed without being able to withdraw my winnings. I lost $100 back then. But time passed, I gained experience and decided to resume my hobby. I found top casino slots -- pretty good ones. The most important criterion I relied on in my search was honesty and safety. I recommend checking any site several times before starting playing on it.

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