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Thread: Education - Is Our Children Learning?

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    Default Education - Is Our Children Learning?

    Good piece on how the Fossil Fuel Industry has taken over climate education in our school systems:

    Big Oil is pouring millions of dollars into creating pro-fossil fuel classroom content for children across the country.

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    A very useful topic for children in schools

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    At the moment, in my opinion, there are two global problems - climate education and grammatically correct presentation of this problem to children. I fully support this article that at this time, climate education is critical, especially for the current generation, not for nothing that such a large company is funding the creation of classrooms to give young people the opportunity to think about the problem, find possible ways to solve it and take concrete action to protect the climate and the planet. And as I wrote, it is imperative to present the information correctly to children grammatically, which is where Sentence Stack helps me. After all, much depends on how to format the data before submitting it to children correctly.

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