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Thread: Stupid Saxophone Pictures

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    Default Stupid Saxophone Pictures

    I just saw another thread that mentioned being annoyed by saxophones being backwards in photos, and that reminded me of a really silly stock photo of a saxophone player. What are some dumb pictures of saxophones/players/yourselves that you have seen?

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    I have a bunch of terrible photos from my college where I drop my saxophone right during the performance of the team

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    I think that just such slightly ridiculous photos are very important to keep as a keepsake. Because it is they who convey the emotions and mood that were at that moment in time. It may be a shame for them now, but then you can laugh at yourself. I have a very funny photo from the prom where my face expresses absolute indifference to what is happening and expectation of the party. I even ordered a portrait of myself on with this photo. I think it's very funny.

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    Because it is they who convey

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