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    Default Trading forex brokers

    What will happen to Forex in 2022?

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    Actually, you never know, but I guess you shouldn't expect any significant changes

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    I think it's gonna be a stable least, I hope for it

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    I don't expect any surprises in the near future. I think the euro will be stronger in 2022 but can't say the same about the US dollar because of the Federal Reserve actions. Cryptocurrencies trading gonna be much more popular, especially with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. I think many traders gonna look at crypto trading next year. But once again, I don't expect any serious changes unless the world gonna suffer from another near-apocalyptic sh*t like covid19 or smth like that. I really hope aliens won't invade us, lol. Anyway, if you need trading tips for the next year, you definitely should read analysis reviews and research from different brokers. Sometimes they notice hidden things that may be very helpful for traders in the future.

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    I'm terrified to even speculate on what will happen to the USD if the price of Forex and bitcoins skyrockets (Elon Musk must not find out about this). It's a true currency depreciation machine. I've seen several plans, investment initiatives, and it's all machines on best ea (robots for low entrance threshold into markets). Man, it's just machines! They don't even train you; they just use your time to provide you the opportunity to invest 2-3 cents in a stock. And then what?!!! They're now working in the range. Following that, farms will be established for individuals like them, computers will raise entrance barriers, and humans will count milliseconds to keep track of price market fluctuations.
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