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    Where can I find a good dentist?

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    I would also like to know

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    You can find a good dentist on I used their services about a year ago. I was having problems with the enamel on my teeth, and I couldn't eat anything without feeling pain, especially if the food was hot, cold, or had sugar in it. I was afraid to visit the doctor because of the situation with COVID-19. Still, when I have entered the clinic, I understood that everything would be alright because I saw how qualitatively they are disinfecting every corner and every instrument after one patient.

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    What is your city? How are we supposed to recommend you something?

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    Man, how the pandemic relates to dentistry? And why the hell were you afraid? You visited doctors, which could help you in case of something. Are you afraid to visit supermarkets too? Then the forest is an excellent place for you. No people, no viruses, and a lot of free food. I don't even mention the existence of free vaccines. The dentists themselves are also not as scary as people think. I have installed Invisalign clear aligners (some info about it, and everything was as smooth as possible. But the clinic is in Minneapolis, unlikely that the topic starter is from my city.

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