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Thread: Gambling is for losers

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    Default Gambling is for losers

    By definition, Im sorry to say. Ive been gambling for decades Ive had some great runs. You can win in the short term. Sometimes you can do no wrong.

    What will kill you is the drinking, lack of bankroll management and self control, and the chasing.

    Everyone loses. You cant beat the juice. Maybe theres a few people who are ahead but they will eventually fall on their face.

    Gambling is backed by the devil himself. Just quit now and save your future. Try to have fun doing something else. You dont have to suffer and torture yourself anymore.

    Just forget about what youve done and start doing other things.

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    I don't agree with you

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    I think it is the exact opposite, my friend. Losers will never be able to gamble appropriately since most of them are just stupid addicts who can’t control themselves. Gambling needs practice and precision in order for you or anyone else to gamble properly. I’ve been gambling for ten years now, and it’s my lifestyle. I love it because it entertains me and keeps me away from problems. 線上百家樂 is the best place to gamble, and if you are looking for fun, then you should check it out.

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