Youtube is a great place to find good music! You can download many songs from Youtube using common methods, but not if you don't sign up for Youtube Premium. The YouTube to MP3 Converter - Download YouTube Videos 4K helps with this problem by allowing you to download ANY song that plays on youtube without any restrictions whatsoever - even the most popular ones like Despacito or Eminem's latest single River. Or maybe documentaries and interviews are more your style? With YTMP3 Converter, converting videos into mp3s has never been easier. Just select what video format will be converted (throughout!), then choose where it should go and click start conversion! It really doesn't get much simpler than that.(Information about downloading certain files only applies.​

Youtube's four audio formats are MP3, WAV PCM, AAC and FLAC. But don't worry! Youtube has you covered because their downloader can convert any of the formats to whichever one that meets your needs best.Youtube accepts only a few different audio file types: Audio files in an MP3/WAV container or as uncompressed wavs; mp4 videos with audios encoded in mov format (eac), mpeg4 video codec(mpa) , or MPEG2 transport stream (mts).