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Thread: How Do I Create A Logo!!!

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    Default How Do I Create A Logo!!!

    Im currently working on my online business and trying to figure out how i can create a FREE logo so i can test the waters before i jump in. What are the best options from your experiences?

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    Hi, there are many sites with freelancers or companies with bonuses of the free first logo.

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    Hello, in my experience I can tell you that making a logo on their own is not the best idea unless, of course, you do not know all the information about manufacturing. In a logo is very important all the details, because your logo will be looking at people or other companies. The logo is essential details, even the colors, and each color has its designation; this information was explained to me when I wanted to make my brand logo. So I decided to turn to those engaged in it and never regretted that I trusted them, although initially, I also wanted to make it myself.

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