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    recently I've been involved with a man that is open to the idea of using best male sex toys He has never considered it before until he saw my treasure trove. The thought has crossed my mind to get him a couple, but I don't know where to begin. Men from my past would not even consider opening up about their interest in sex toys, so the thought never occured to me that I could consider him when I shop. Any reccomendations for a beginner male's toy that is easy to use, reasonably priced, and effective on the pleasure scale? I'd greatly appreciate the help from other "connoiseurs of sexual pleasure

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    Okay, well, listen to me.

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    Yes, now men rarely admit that they also want to try new sensations by buying sex toys for themselves. You're lucky with a man, and you should appreciate him, haha. Well, as the first sex toy for your man, a prostate massage device is suitable. I think he will be shocked by how pleasant it is and how much his orgasm will be longer. By the way, the other day, I saw several discount coupons for the purchase of male sex toys on this site I think this is an unusual coincidence, isn't it? So try to surprise him, don't tell him what you bought, and already during sex try to use this thing with him.

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