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    I am trying to find out more about my great-grandfather's pocket watch. All I know is he'd brought it home from the war. I've already posted this at a watches forum, where someone will hopefully know something about the mechanism. What I'm looking for here is historical context. Has anyone seen a similar watch before? My best guess is that K1 stands for Karl 1 of Austria-Hungary, which is confusing since my great-grandfather was in the Russian army according to my grandmother.

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    Okay, man.

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    Yes, this is an Austro-Hungarian clock from WW1. Such watches are a bonafide collector’s item that could go for a cool sum. But if I were you, I’d keep the watch for memory’s sake, and I’d actually even wear it. Retro is the new today, as we can see by browsing the latest selection over at I like classic watches, they have a sense of gravitas. I’ve managed to rake in five vintage models so far, and I would love to add a watch similar to yours to my prestige collection.

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    thanks a lot for this topic

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