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    Hi All, I have been anxiously waiting for my explorer to arrive, but its a dealer stock order so the retail tracking site wont work.

    After some searching I came across a mustang forum with a post where you can get the raw JSON on the status, if you are savy try it out.

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    To be sure, you need to choose a platform from which you can track where the location of your order is

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    Wow, this idea is one of the most innovative, especially for iPhone users. I am still an iPhone user, and I noticed that it is a little harder to make orders and later deliver for us. The whole package of options that you have formed is beneficial and welcome. Just how much, if you have the opportunity, you should fill in some more options. Not so long ago, I ordered, and there I found something exciting. So they have such an option, you can see the live location of the product when it is delivered.

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