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    I need a good lawyer. Please recommend a good company

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    For what purposes do you need a lawyer?

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    Before you finally choose a company, you need to check it. The most basic - how long the company has been operating, it's legal data, the age of the site, and other things. If you can not find these data - you'll have to go to special services. Pay attention to the spelling on the company's site - hardly trust the lawyers from "low compani." Also, pay attention to the presence of factual errors. For example, if they promise to hold a court hearing on divorce and determine the place of residence of a 15-year-old without taking into account his opinion, run away from such "specialists." If you are interested, I use the services of this company
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    You may need a lawyer at any time in your life. I have been using the services of a private lawyer for four years. Every month I pay his salary, even if I do not need his services. This way, I feel much safer and confident that I will get legal help if I need it. I own a chain of pharmacies that audit companies periodically check. It is very important to know how to behave in case of an audit and how to avoid trouble. It happens that audit companies identify many unjustified claims that can lead to litigation. To prevent such a development, it is necessary to consult with a lawyer in time. You can also read the information at

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