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Thread: Dog control while camping

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    Default Dog control while camping

    Question for you dog folks. I have two 70-80 pound dogs who are "active" but not crazy wild. They are typical dogs in that they are attracted to other animals, which obviously is a serious problem if they take off the first time they see a moose, elk, bear, etc. Just curious how others control / corral your larger dogs while in campsites.

    I know that campgrounds have different rules...dogs must be on a leash, tethered to some type of line between trees, etc. That's fine and would be easy to use when I'm at a location for a short time overnight. I also know that methods vary depending on where you are, such as parked in a rv park versus boondocking.

    X-pens or similiar light fencing would not work for me...dogs would knock them over. I have investigated portable chain-link type dog kennels, and while that would definitely work, it's bulky and heavy. Also looked into electric bear fencing while boondocking...can make it as large as needed while keeping my dogs in and other animals out. Granted neither of these would work or be allowed in state, national, private campgrounds.

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    Hi, I'm struggling with this question myself...

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    I haven't taken my dogs to camping yet, but I have a friend who takes them every time we go camping. I'm still afraid to take my dogs on a hike, so I leave them with relatives, but my friend is quite fearless in this regard. He came up with an ingenious system to protect his animals from wild animals and this system complies with all the rules of camping. His system consists in the fact that he buys a Dog Rope Toy Set every time, which helps him. By the fact that it is both a toy and a very strong tether system. Thus, he can safely go hiking without worrying about his animals and others. I have been watching this system for a long time and will soon use it too, because it seems to me very reliable.

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