Nowadays, emails mean Gmail, and might many people might only be familiar with Gmail. If you use Gmail for professional purposes, you need to know how to backup Gmail Emails.

Literally, there are many inbuilt utilities and ways by which you can backup Gmail emails. But all the manual ways have the same drawback i.e., you can backup a single account at a time, and you can't have the complete Gmail mailbox backup.

Shoviv Gmail Backup tool

It is a professional tool specially coded to automate and ease the Gmail backup process. The software has a scheduler feature by using you can completely automate the process and eliminate the risk of data loss and human error chances.

1. The software allows backing up multiple Gmail mailboxes in a single go.
2. It has no bar on adding mailbox size, and users can create a backup file of the desired size.
3. It effectively filters out duplicate items and allows resuming the backup process; if gets interrupted.

For evaluating other features of the software, use its free version.