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Thread: Hair Dr Clinic - Dr Arshad 26/11/2020

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    Default Hair Dr Clinic - Dr Arshad 26/11/2020

    Skip to my second post for more surgery related story.

    So I've decided to document my hair journey on this forum , as a long time follower this forum has helped me a lot in making the choices I have and avoided common mistakes as well as unrealistic expectations. Thanks to the admins for making this invaluable data source available.

    So onto my story , 35 years old and noticeably thinning hair around 4 years ago however took it seriously just over 2 years ago. The first sign was my hair getting lighter in colour which at the time I took no notice of and didn't have the knowledge to know it was a sign of DHT kicking in and miniaturisation setting in.

    The last 2 years I've been on 1mg of finasteride taken daily and 5% topical minoxidil applied daily. I had also dermarolling with a 1.5mm roller.

    Ironically I nearly made a big mistake 12months ago by going to a clinic in the Midlands who offered a fixed price FUT without stating any numbers with a hairline which was below where it had ever been which tbh I was happy with being self conscious but my partner said one it wouldn't look right and two it sounds too good to be true. I then found this forum and avoided a BIG mistake.

    My partner was only really happy with me visiting a clinic in the UK which limited the number of clinics that met the standards I wanted.

    I have been in contact with the common clinics which have appeared on this forum over the years and more recently the hair dr during the current lockdown.

    As you can see in the picture below my hair at first glance doesn't look "too bad" as people would say however this is due to the way i style it and the tuff of hair at the front hiding what is behind.

    My family history is a tricky one as my father died before reaching my age but didn't really show any signs of male pattern boldness however there is some male pattern boldness within family on that side with my uncle and grandfather.

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    After several years of suffering, I finally decided to have a hair transplant, and I can say that it was not all in vain. I am thrilled with the result.

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    I don't think you should be afraid of hair transplants. If you have a problem, why not solve it?

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    You guys are great! I, too, hope my hair transplant process is over soon. It was an important choice that I was hesitant to make for a long time. I was always afraid of other people's opinions and views. But after some time, I weighed the pros and cons and realized that the result would be worth all my efforts. I decided on a hair transplant, and the process has been going on for six months now. So far, it's going great, and I've started to notice changes, and I'm already looking forward to combing my hair again.

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