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Thread: Where to get a renovation mortgage

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    Default Where to get a renovation mortgage

    Can anyone tell me where I might get a renovation mortgage?

    I'm going out of my mind with this broken legacy system that needs to be disrupted by tech companies ASAP.

    These Dinosaurs can go the way of....well....the Dinosaurs.

    Not habitable?...go away.

    Haven't owned it for 6 months? go away.

    Etc, etc, etc....

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    It's really difficult. You will have to work hard before finding a mortgage broker who would give you a mortgage for repairs.

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    I've had the same experience, and I had difficulty finding a mortgage loan for renovations. But one day, I saw a classified ad recommending some mortgage counselors from Sunderland. They turned out to be very responsive, and I could tell they're professionals and love their job. Contact Mortgage Advice Nottingham or another company like that in your region, and they'll do their best to get you the best deal possible -- they know the market, after all.

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