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Thread: What's your favorite minecraft mob?

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    Default What's your favorite minecraft mob?

    You play Minecraft? I'd love to play together sometime if you still play it.

    My favorite passive mob is a pig

    My favorite hostile mob is a zombie

    I don't like creepers bc they're annoying same with spiders, I don't like endermen because their too OP when mad and I'm literally so scared to look up when they're around. I like zombies bc they're iconic and not creepers and they're pretty weak and slow

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    It is hard to find a good minecraft server

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    I love the pig too! To be honest, I don’t have a favorite one since I love all of them. I’ve been playing Minecraft for seven years now, and it’s still my favorite game of all time. I played in almost all servers, and I really needed to find a new server. I decided to ask my friends if they knew any, but unfortunately, I couldn’t receive any new information. After that, I went on the internet, and after hours of searching, I ran into a website that had a list of Minecraft prison servers that seemed really cool. I gave them a shot, and I was impressed by how amazing they were.

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    I wanted to email you because I wanted to let you know that it's my favorite game with a gammabright 1.11.2 and the reason why is because I find your company super cool, and your products are super fun for me.

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