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    I was standing outside our RV looking at the sea when I heard some loud squealing. At first I thought it was a fluffy chick of some sort a Black-backed Gull had grabbed, but then to my horror I realised it was a rat that had been running across the sand. The gull beat the rat back and forward on the sand, it escaped a couple of times but was grabbed and whacked again on the sand. Eventually it was reasonably still and then, while I'm thinking- what is the gull going to do with it now, take it to the water to drown it and then pull it apart- horror of horrors it turned it around and swallowed it whole and in one gulp! :shock: And then for good measure chased a Red Billed gull away that had something in it's bill. Not a rat leg though, I checked for them in the photos. The BBG then sat down for the next hour looking slightly uncomfortable! So, for all those that malign the BBGs, just remember they are good at pest control too! -Port Jackson, Coromandel

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    Listen to me, man

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    I didn't even know that seagulls were capable of this. Now I know who to contact if there are rats in my house, haha. I recently arrived at my grandmother's old house, and there were rats and fleas all over the apartment. I had to turn to flea pest control to get rid of fleas, and then I also asked those specialists who would come to clean up fleas to poison the rats. And it's good that I did it because now everything is okay in my grandmother's house. But the seagull story is very unusual and beautiful, and you can't always observe this! It is nature, and it's right that you didn't stop her from doing her thing.

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    sounds like an ads

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    I am familiar with this situation. My RV had the same thing last summer until I called an insect and rodent prevention service. I went directly to because I knew about their effectiveness in such a case. They were recommended to me by a friend of mine who had already used these services to prevent rodents in his apartment. It worked for him, and so far, I haven't heard a single story about a mouse being seen in his house. So I trusted these professionals and apparently not for nothing

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    Ok, thanks for letting us know about it's control as we know pest is the major issues now a days. There are different ways to control it. You can try any of them. Have a look at Residential Pest Control Castle Rock and check out the best service of best control.
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