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Thread: Best pandemic game for you?

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    Default Best pandemic game for you?

    Hi all,

    What's the best "pandemic" game you've ever played to? And why?

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    During the isolation I played a lot of the game Mortal Kombat. All the anger inside me was coming out.

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    I like Minecraft, and I've been playing it for a while. When the real pandemic came, I no longer wanted to just waste my time playing games. Minecraft started to annoy me. I think everyone had this psychological pressure. Then on, I found a list of apps that pay for games. It seemed interesting to me because I had time to play games and earn money or certain bonuses for it. Thus, the feeling that you are helpless disappears.

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    Minecraft is a game that is really simple to become bored with. After a few weeks, most people become bored. There are several explanations for this baubles mod 1.11.2. One of them is most likely due to a lack of material to keep people engaged in the game.

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    During the isolation I played a lot of the game Sekiro, really good!
    If you are looking for where to download new games & premium apps, here is the place for you! All is free, I've been using it for more than 2 years
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    I am delighted with Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 game. Game with cool graphics, bright. Musical accompaniment is just class. I didn't know what to do while on vacation. I came across a cool site with apps for Android . In the popular got Mortal. I immediately remembered how I played with friends on the console. I also sometimes look for various useful programs for study on the site. This is a very popular platform. The main thing is that all applications here are free.

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    I think that more interesting games that have logic and interesting idea. Logic games help our brain work better, thereby developing us. I advise you to play worldle, on the site you can find all the most popular questions that relate to this game. In fact, this is one of the most fascinating games.

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