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    How can I plan my retirement?

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    Pay taxes?

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    It will be difficult to survive on a pension paid by the state. That is why many people save money for retirement to ensure a decent standard of living. I don't want to need anything being at that age. No one would want to be so helpless.
    I'm also planning my retirement. However, I am using the help of a financial advisor from humaninvesting. Thus, this procedure becomes much simpler and eliminates the possibility of errors.
    Thus, you can seek professional help when planning your retirement. This is a great solution.
    If you can cope with pension planning yourself, it's cool, then you don't need anyone.

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    My pension a while ago was still quite small, I began to doubt that this is possible, and indeed, it turned out that I have long been incorrectly credited the minimum pension, and then refused to recognize the error, helped me here , I did not even go anywhere, did not send applications, so I can recommend them

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