Mike Gorman wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Sep 2008 22:38:16 +0100, Derek <no.reply@who.cares> wrote:
> Derek:
> Thanks for responding. I set the page to dynamic. It had been fixed.
> Regenerated and resposted. At that point only a background page was
> shows. Blank otherwise.
> So, I changed it back to fixed....

OK. Just as an observation, you'll find that most of the contributors
here recommend that you stay away from 'Fixed' layouts; it can cause
problems for some browsers. Dynamic (or Semantic XHTML in NOF 11) is
generally preferred.

> Your comment about a stray "center" might be the problem.
> How do I find where it might be coded such that NOF regenerates the
> page?

Whenever you're in design view, you'll find that NOF allows you view
(and to a greater or lesser degree, change) the HTML code for an object
- text box, layout region, border, whatever. On the properties panel
when you have an object selected, you'll usually see an 'HTML' button -
click this to open up an editor box.

Exactly what you see depends upon the object. However, in general if you
see anything in the lower panel, that's custom code.

Another way of adding code to a page is to use the 'Insert HTML' option.
This probably gets used mainly in text boxes - it's a handy way of
embedding scripts in a page. When this is done, you'll see a small icon
in the box (a T against a circular purplish background). To view the
code, place the cursor next to the icon and hit Ctrl-T to open the
editor dialogue.

> This whole website was created by #5 (aka my 5th kid (who's 36 vs 12),
> but he's found a "real" job.


> So, I don't have a clue where to find any "custom code...."
> What I really need to do is to RTFM. For sure this seems to be a great
> product and I'm probably not using 0.1% of its power.

Yup, it's a nice product. Has its quirks & limits, but then so do most
products. These newsgroups are really helpful - and generally very
tolerant! - that goes a long way as well.

> So, if you could help just a little bit more I would sure appreciate
> it....

Hope the above helps a little...

- Derek.