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Thread: Electric Sunburst Guitar - I regret this purchase

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    Default Electric Sunburst Guitar - I regret this purchase

    Had a great Black Friday this year and got a lot of useful stuff, but this piece was not one of them.

    I read the page, watched videos and the fact that this is not a completely playable instrument was never alluded to.

    Opened it up for the first time in a production session tonight and wonder why I can't play single note lines, like any other instrument can - every note is triggering an arpeggiator. And that's not the featured patterns, those are turned off. Okay, I'm new to NI and Kontakt player, I'll search around.

    And I'm not the only one caught out:

    This page ( does nothing to inform buyers like myself correctly and this phrase "A perfectly captured, playable electric guitar" directly promises playability, ie, being able to play lead lines and create patterns. Like any decent guitarist can do.

    But not with this you can't. Now I see a deluxe version that can do what ought to be a bare minimum.

    This really pisses me off. I put a lot of effort into finding legal, free and quality alternatives for my production needs, and learning to use well what I already have. Logic already has an enormous wealth of good almost everything. But really quality bass, piano and guitar I decided I needed.

    I sppent most of Black Friday weekend researching Piano Noire and the Rickenbacker, and am absolutely stoked I bought them. The Noire is the best piano I found anywhere for the specs, easily. Incredible. I'll dissuade friends from Ravencroft, Pianoteq and even Spectrasonics now. And the Rickenbacker is an absolute beast.

    But this is borderline false advertising from NI with the Sunburst: if the plugin instrument is missing an essential feature of the instrument it emulates, it should be made explicit. Imagine a piano plugin that harmonises every note you play, and you can't turn that off.

    I've chucked 70 NZD away on something I have little use for here. On sale that's not even worth it to me. Obviously can't resell it or get a refund, and it seems like NI is another Amazon-type juggernaut with no contact, and a read-only community support page.

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    I've heard some negative reviews from my friends, but I used to think they were just spoilt. I guess it can't be just a simple coincidence when there are many opinions proving Sunburst is not the best guitar at all. I've been playing guitar since ten years old, and the first one I bought was a Fender Player Stratocaster which I liked a lot. Anyway, if you're still looking for electric Guitars, I strongly suggest you do some research before purchasing anything. Here there are plenty of accurate reviews that might be enlightening. I hope my advice will be helpful to you. Cheers!

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