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Thread: How to Make a Social Media App Using Thunkable X?

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    Default How to Make a Social Media App Using Thunkable X?

    Hello Dearest Community Members!
    I wanted to know that how can I create a social media app using Thunkable X?
    I know it can’t be really advanced from the start, but these basic functions to be included -

    Searching and Following Profiles
    Uploading Photos/Videos
    And Simple Posts with Only Text
    And Homepage Should Have Content that the Customer Usually Likes to See.
    And I need everything from the start to end, as I am a beginner.

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    "Hi there! Why are yall, guys, so angry? The person asked you for advice. I'm shocked.
    Bro, I'm a beginner in this too. It's true, you'll have to study a lot of information yourself. Do you need this app for your business? In this case, I advise you to use companies that develop different types of apps(try to find info on A beginner will not be able to create a perfectly working app. But if you want to start developing apps and software, you will have to work hard. The guys above answered your question. I can't think of a single thing that needs to be added to that. Good luck!"

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    Thunkable is a tool based on App Inventor that allows students to become familiar with the development of applications for Android devices. Thunkable is a really simple environment, similar to the other environments mentioned, based on blocks. Well We're a social media marketing agency in Vancouver, BC that takes care of your social media accounts so you can concentrate on what you do best: making the money you need to expand your company. I can assist you in achieving your social media objectives using my expertise and experiences. In order to accomplish ongoing social development, I carefully collaborate with customers that are both new to social media and seasoned users in the home improvement industry. Reach out today to learn more!

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    Thanks or update about Thunkable App. There are many reasons why people might want to spy on their partner’s online activities: they suspect infidelity, they think their partner has a gambling problem or maybe even an addiction Read more:

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    You can definitely build this type of app. But the forums aren’t really meant to be a place where you just drop in, grab a template, change a few things and you’re done. It’s going to take time to learn this tool. Pick one of the features you want to build, try it out – there’s lots of documentation, YouTube tutorials, etc. – and if you get stuck, ask for help with a specific question and include screenshots. Good luck!

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    It is important for me to know what my children are doing on social networks, as it is not safe everywhere these days. And I decided that I will use , in this application you can observe and listen to calls, etc., everything that the child does on the network. It makes me calm!

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