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    Hey everyone,

    I am trying to determine how I should be getting paid or what I should be getting paid. I am in the process of completing my E-Marketing and Design degree.The store I am at currently has about 350 new and used.
    Currently I handle
    -Social media accounts youtube, facebook, instagram etc.
    -Videos and photos for social media. Attending events, quick inventory videos and social media promo videos.
    -Website related changes, updates or issues by working with website provider. Also handle the blog.
    -All inventory photos
    -Anything marketing or advertising related such as creating banners, signs, campaigns etc.
    -I do not handle facebook ads or google adwords both being handled by outside agencies.

    I am making a few dollars over minimum wage. I have no idea if that is decent pay for what I am doing and if there is room for growth with this position.
    Any insight is appreciated.

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    his out, when I was training people to shoot photos at dealerships across the country (2005), they received a salary of $25k/year plus 2% of the gross billed amount of inventory units photographed. Charges were $7/car (6 photos) to $65/car (50 photos), and would do 20+ cars per day.

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    First, I want to congratulate you on graduating and wish you good luck in everything you do from now on. It's not an easy job, even though it may seem like it. It took me sleepless nights to find the best clients, who offer more than reasonable prices. You have to be aware of your worth. It's okay to be pleased with less than you deserve initially, but in my opinion, it should never be below $500. Also, never lose your hope! People out there, including myself, make a nice living based on this job. I put together a few tips&tricks

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