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    A residential aluminum fence is a durable, low maintenance alternative to traditional wrought iron. It offers an ornamental design that will add beauty to your yard while also providing the security you need.

    Our partnership with ActiveYards® sets us apart from other fencing solutions with their product’s strength, fade resistance, and ingenious design. There are a variety of ornamental styles, colors, and heights available to help match your budget and project type.

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    First and foremost, black aluminum fences are much more affordable than their wrought iron counterparts. While wrought iron is roughly the same cost per square foot — though it can easily be significantly more if you opt for more ornate wrought iron fencing — you’ll lose your shirt on shipping because they’re significantly heavier than the light weight of black aluminum fences.

    The weight also makes wrought iron fencing much more difficult to work with, meaning that your installation costs will shoot up significantly. Whereas you might be able to get by with some limited labor to install a black aluminum fence, you’ll need significantly more resources at your disposal to manage and see that heavy wrought iron fence installed on your property.

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    If you’re interested in a wrought iron fence, you basically have one color option. Wrought iron fences are typically black because that was the color of the paint used to protect them. While you could change the paint, you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you. After scraping and removing all the existing paint, you’ll have to apply a new paint layer and ensure that it’s able to provide protection against wear.

    Beyond that, you’ll have to keep up on maintenance with a wrought iron fence in a way that you wouldn’t with an aluminum fence. A black aluminum fence won’t require any of those maintenance concerns, and aside from being able to repaint it in any color you’d like, you can also order them in black, white or bronze to fit your precise need and aesthetic tastes before it ever gets to you.

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