At first glance, you ask yourself “Who’d want 20 copies of their SD card from their camera?” But it’s clear Nexcopy isn’t chasing down the guys looking to make 100 copies of their weekend Vegas photos (or are they?). This SD card duplicator is geared towards companies who send out software applications on SD cards for field devices or need to manage a large number of miniSD cards for an army of devices like tablets or PDAs.

The SD card duplicator has a couple of unique features such as reading the CID number for the card and unique data streaming. The CID number is the “card ID number” and each card has a different value. The smart guys use the CID number as a keycode to encrypt data loaded to the SD cards.

The duplicator can also stream unique data to each card. The combination of data streaming and CID reading make the SD200PC secret weapon. Example, a mapping company will load the same set of maps to all the cards, they will then use the CID value as a keycode and load an encrypted file back onto the card. So the resultant card has the static mapping software plus the unique data of the keycode file.