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Thread: Welding in the main gear well ?

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    Default Welding in the main gear well ?

    Dropped off a friend at the airport in TPA recently and did some sightseeing from the top floor of the parking garage before leaving

    It was almost dark but I could make out some equipment next to the right main landing gear of a Frontier A320, looked to me like they were changing a tyre but then I noticed a very bright light flickering intermittently in the wheel well area for about 15 minutes when it ended

    Looked a lot like the kind of light you see associated with welding but I’ve never seen this kind of thing done on the ramp at a gate

    Am I mistaken or is it possible some kind of welding repair was going on ?

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    Hi, thanks for the topic, I'm also worried about this question...

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    I think it was hardly welding. Most likely it was a flashlight or some kind of car headlight. Moreover, I do not think that from a great height you would see welding because as far as I know welding does not create such long light waves that they can be seen from afar. In addition, they are constantly interrupted. I used to train as a welder in / so I understand a little about it. Also, as far as I know, any problems with the operation of aircraft are fixed with special metal tape or something. And for sure, if they were doing some serious work using welding, they would have done it in the hangar and you wouldn't have seen it.

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