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Thread: Take us to your workout mood

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    Default Take us to your workout mood

    It's pretty simple, share the music of your last workout here

    You can come back and share as many as you want every time you exercise and you have been listening to music while doing so

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    Okay my man!

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    I listen to what I've always dreamed of when I train, from Metallica to Pantera. Sometimes, I come across AC/DC in my playlist. In short, I love to train heavy music because it increases training effectiveness. This fact has even been proven by scientists because heavy music increases your level of testosterone and other hormones. As a result, you can raise more. By the way, I recently saw sarms for sale. I understand that many people are engaged in the gym here and wanted to ask if I should buy them and do they give any effect? If someone knows, please share your opinion.

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