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Thread: Better Life: Firefighter or Lawyer?

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    Default Better Life: Firefighter or Lawyer?

    I'm about to graduate law school, but I may be offered a job by St Louis FD. Which career path would enable a better life?

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    Hi buddy, I don't know what to think about here, as for me the choice is obvious. Since I've already made my choice a long time ago, I won't let you make it wrong. I work for a law firm / for about five years now and I don't know the worries, since they pay well here and basically all lawyers earn well. However, your choice should be based on what you like. On the one hand, the profession of a firefighter is interesting, but unfortunately dangerous, and on the other hand, lawyers get payed well, but their profession is also interesting sometimes. Your choice depends on what you like best. Good luck guy!

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    I'm also facing this life dilemma right now. I wonder what did you pick eventually? My parents insist I become a lawyer, while I always felt the urge to help others.

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    I think it's worth going into the field of law, as there will be many more opportunities and, accordingly, there will be more pleasant wages. You could consult a legal service that will help you with this problem, that is, with your decision. I myself turned to the federal criminal defense lawyer for advice and they told me quite well what to do next.

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