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Thread: Find me some nice chunky sandals for under £100

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    Default Find me some nice chunky sandals for under £100

    I've worn Saltwaters for the last few years but fancy a change. I'm considering DM's but am worried they'll rub. The other problem is I don't have nice feet so what I really want is sandals that cover up as much toe as possible grin. I've already got Palmairas.
    So, what can you find me, MN?

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    Saltwaters I haven't liked lately

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    I can suggest you look over this list, go to site, where you will find the information you need. It's a list of golf sandals; after consulting this list, I chose the most suitable for me; I chose a pair of Viakix sandals, which fit my feet well, and I wear them often with a long and light dress. And that black pair from Adidas that are actually unisex is probably what you're looking for. They are adjustable, the color black and fit easily in each style, mainly casual and sport.

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