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Thread: GPU multitasking Bitcoin GPU mining and Premiere Pro GPU acceleration performance

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    Default GPU multitasking Bitcoin GPU mining and Premiere Pro GPU acceleration performance

    When I'm mining bitcoins with a GPU miner, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 with Mercury Playback Engine GPU acceleration is very sluggish. Is there a way to give the GPU miner lower priority? Or is it that the fermi/gtx 470 doesn't multitask very well?

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    I would also like to find out more about this

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    Lowering the power limit is one of the best ways to lower GPU power consumption and, therefore, lower the GPU's heat production from the GPU. Most NVIDIA cards' mining hash rates will not be affected by lowering the power limit to 75% or 80%. I am mining using an RTX2080, and after lowering the power limit, the amount of cryptocurrency I was mining was considerably smaller. I found out on a crypto knowledge website that this is happening because I lowered the power limit, so I put the power limit on default again to gain more cryptocurrency.

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    Over the past two weeks, BTC has been trying to surge. In terms of value, the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency has been struggling to rise above the market speculations and prove that despite market regulations and failed attempts to legalize Bitcoin, the crypto has the potential to yield huge profits in the long run. Analysts say that crypto is succeeding in its attempt to gain back its market dominance. As of April 5, 2022, the value of Bitcoin rose above US$47,000!

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    You can access it in many different ways, you don't need to mine bitcoins alone.
    Maybe another coin? by checking the specs Now,
    I think flux mining is paying off as well.

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    it is interesting topic

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