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Thread: Insensitivity to pain meds?

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    Default Insensitivity to pain meds?

    I am somewhat new to the TMS world. I absolutely agree that x % of a person's pain and discomfort can be caused by mind/body interaction, and probably no one would disagree with that. In my case I don't think x is 100%, but it's still probably a pretty high number. I have a structural issue in my lower back/pelvis/SI joint (there is literally an audible clicking/grinding noise and sensation). Have been to several docs, had an MRI, been to PT, continue to go. But the pain increases basically in correlation with the amount I stress about it (4 months ago it was painless, was only after researching it endlessly that it became painful). I tried to limit any meds, and take OTC only, and even that just sparingly, but last week the doc said go ahead and take 2 Aleve every day to potentially bring down inflammation. So I have done that for a week, but that has had exactly zero effect on the discomfort. I'm wondering if this apparent insensitivity to OTC pain meds is more a sign that it is basically my brain generating the pain. Wondering if anyone else has had this experience in their journey, basically pain meds not working. At least OTC.

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    Thanks for the information.

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    I've had this eye pain when I move my eyes for quite some time now, and it keeps coming and going away. I've even woken up a few times because of it. I went to an optician and they prescribed me pain medication because they don't see any problem with my eyes. Recently I've been getting headaches too. Not sure if it’s related but I’ve had a constant ache in my neck which I think has something to do with my headaches. A friend of mine that's a pharmacist recommended me to take marigold extract for eyes and I saw an improvement to be honest.

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