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Thread: Any of you buy fasteners online and if so where?

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    Default Any of you buy fasteners online and if so where?

    I do finish carpentry ranging from small spec homes to large complicated customs. This requires a huge variety of nails, screws, adhesives, abrasives ect. like you all know... In my area if you don't want crazy local hardware store markups you can buy nails from one guy but he doesn't carry screws, Screws are from another guy, but he's more of a industrial seller so its mostly machine screws at huge quantitys or it needs to be ordered. Or you can drive 45min away from the vast majority of my work to get everything I need at a reasonable price. So I have been looking online... Any insight on a site with good pricing and fast turnaround? thanks

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    I would also need help with choosing the right fasteners

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    As far as I know there is nothing wrong with ordering building materials online. I've been doing this for a long time and with a reliable supplier. For me it's . Why I choose building materials there, it's simple. Firstly, there is free shipping, and secondly, the quality of materials is always at the highest level. To be honest, I like to order building materials online, as it is much more convenient than bringing all the materials myself, as it is difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, I advise everyone to try to order building materials online somehow and after that you will do so constantly.

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    I think everything is online now, you can order online.
    If the product is something you can rely on, such as screws or building materials.
    You may be able to see from the plan ,detail construction can be assembled.

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    i would also need help with choosing the right fasteners.

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    I shop online all the time, regardless of the season. After all, a huge number of useful things can be found online, which will cost even less than in regular stores. So recently at a very favorable price I managed to buy nail nippers in usa and I am most pleased, I want to say.

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