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Thread: Removal companies - advice needed

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    Default Removal companies - advice needed

    Hello everyone

    I'm moving house soon and have recently got quotes from 3 local firms.

    I was impressed with Matthew James the most then Coppards but their quotes differed by well over £300 for a pretty straightforward move . I can find lots of good reviews on Matthew James but none on Coppards.

    Has anyone used Coppards and did you find them good / bad?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Hey, I think Coppards is great!

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    I have never used Coppards because when I transfer some things necessary for the house, I just turn to the local London moving company that I come across. However, I have never used the services of Coppards. I will have to talk to my friends about this and ask them about this company because I have friends who move from one house to another once a year. I think they know better than me about moving companies. Considering that I've only moved twice in my life, that was once in my childhood and the second time recently, about a month ago. Well, I hope I helped you at least in some way.

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