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Thread: Halal Property Crowdfunding Investment

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    Default Halal Property Crowdfunding Investment

    1. Register using the link below:

    2. Complete the registration process

    3. After your registration is complete, select 'wallet' and click add funds.

    4. Enter the amount that you would like to invest

    5. You will receive an email with Yielders' bank account details and further instructions

    6. Wire transfer money using the bank account details and the money will appear in your online wallet within a few days

    7. Choose a property from the list of properties available on Yielders to invest

    8. Go through the property and investment details provided and if you feel satisfied proceed with investing

    9. You will receive a confirmation email from Yielders if your investment is successful. At the start of each month, you will receive an email from Yielders containing details of the rent that you have received.

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    Thanks for the guide!

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    Wow, I didn't even know that we have crowdfunding firms that allow you to invest money in real estate without having a lot of capital. It really impresses me very much. I advise all novice investors to contact such firms and gain experience investing in real estate. At one time, I took out a mortgage to somehow get real estate and thus already earn money from the resale. By the way, when I took out a loan for a house, I always used the services of Mortgage Broker Liverpool. Without this, I would not have succeeded.

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    I agree, no one wants to get into debt, but sometimes it's necessary, it's like some kind of motivation with is legit. Not so long ago, I didn't have enough money for the desired car and I almost said goodbye to the idea that it would be mine, but my friend told me borrow money instantly and as a result I bought a childhood dream honda s2000, this purchase motivated me and I earned money quickly enough to repay the loan!

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