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Thread: Default Scared of Antibiotics, Anesthesia, Surgery, CT Scans & Cannabis - Need feedb

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    Default Default Scared of Antibiotics, Anesthesia, Surgery, CT Scans & Cannabis - Need feedb

    Hi everyone. First post (sort of)

    I feel like antibiotics speed up hair loss and I'm afraid to take them. I took them 2 times within the last 4 months and hated it. I also am fearing/ wanting to avoid an upcoming surgery for a deviated septum - because i read that anesthesia and surgery in general can cause clumps of hair to fall out. Oh, and I avoided a CT scan for the same purpose.

    Oh and as far as cannabis, I've read that it fights THC BUT that it speeds up your shedding phase - which is bad if you are trying to hold on to your hair and not shed it (lost forever)....

    Anyone think my fears have merit or am I completely alone here?

    A little background:

    I used to be on here but lost my email/ info. Anyways, I've been suffering from hair loss since 1998 or in my late teens and am now 40. I've been on finasteride since 1999 or 2000. I also take .05 generic avodart from Canada... every other day. My doctor won't prescribe it.... zero side effects.

    My hairline is fragile. I have long hair (I'm a male) and use concealers to thicken up my hairline. Loss has been slowed down but every year I feel like there's a change in the wrong direction as I get older that concealers are starting to conceal less... Oh and I take minoxidil 5%. Nothing has stopped my loss, but it has slowed it down for 20 years - but I still can not accept it, like many who don't want to shave their head...

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    This is the best decision of the government. I hope that in the near future many countries will be able to legalize drugs. It's just that many people need marijuana as a treatment. Marijuana helps to cope with pains. For example, I take marijuana every day because I suffer from terrible joint pain. You can't imagine how your joints can hurt if you don't dress warmly. Every month I order marijuana on, as no other painkillers help me. I'm afraid to imagine what will happen if marijuana will be banned. It seems to me that hell will begin and many people will die of terrible pain.

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